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Live classroom training is more personal. For some learners, nothing beats speaking directly to the instructor, as a healthy percentage of communication includes body language and other nonverbal cues. This can be accomplished in physical classrooms.

Other forms of virtual training have their own benefits. Video learning, for example, is widely popular among adults. Some of our courses do provide DVD training material, however everything you need to know will be covered in class.

Classroom training tends to be more structured and group training enables you to participate in discussions, which is a proven way for adults to process and integrate new information.

Classes have hands-on exercises designed to practice your new skills.

Live training typically follows a specific schedule and requires students to be present at a given time. However at our school we are flexible to students work / life schedules.

Our prices for classroom training are comparable to online courses with the added bonus of hands on experience and direct interaction with instructors.

Live training promotes a distraction-free time where you can really absorb the material. You will benefit from an instructor who can monitor and steer the environment as you learn.

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Learn to Deal

Each student will gain the abilities required to present his or herself to card room managers and increase their chance of acquiring a position at top casinos & tournaments.