Our school has earned the respect of all major tournament venues here in Las Vegas, also the states of California, Washington, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, and the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) event.

Based on the extraordinary effort of James Kean (CEO), trainers, and administrators with over sixty years of table games experience dealing, supervising, managing, training poker dealers.

Many of our graduates are employed at various casinos based on their WSOP experience and expert ability to qualify and participate in the local poker venues. They are equipped to deal up to 18 varieties of poker games.

Each class is designed to focus on many skills to become a professional poker dealer. Each student will the gain the abilities to present his or herself to card room management with their knowledge, pride, and confidence needed to earn a position.

Great Careers Start Here

The world series of poker will begin auditioning the second week in January 2019 and will need several hundred additional dealers for this world-wide prestigious event!

Earn your certificate to qualify for your audition at Tony Shelton Dealing School.

Contact James @ 702 366-1276 (office) 702 290-3878 (mobile)


Sign up @ Tony Shelton Dealing school.

Contact James 702-366-1276 (office) 702 290-3878 (cell)

Our school is a nevada state licensed post secondary educational institution.

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Tony Shelton Dealing School

Become a professional dealer today! Tony Shelton Dealing School (TSDS) offers comprehensive instruction courses in poker, roulette, blackjack and carnival games. Courses take 4-6 weeks and can be adjusted around existing work schedules. When the student has completed the course they will receive a certificate from Tony Shelton Dealing School.

Each class is designed to focus on one of the many skills required to become a professional dealer. Each student will gain the abilities required to present his or herself to card room managers and increase their chance of acquiring a position at top casinos & tournaments.

We can help qualified dealers gain auditions in Las Vegas and many other states across the country. Poker Dealers in particular are needed in increasing numbers every year due to the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament held here in Las Vegas. TSDS has a near perfect dealer acceptance rating with the prestigious WSOP. Dealers can also increase their value and career opportunities through cross training, this allows the casinos more flexibility in staff rotation.

Located in the heart Las Vegas Nevada, TSDS is a facility that includes casino style poker and blackjack tables, casino weight chips in all denominations and poker quality playing cards.

Your academic adviser is James Kean is active in the Las Vegas poker world and stays up-to-date on all the latest poker news. In addition to being one of your instructors, James is also the owner of the school, so he is doubly concerned with each student’s success. Our Lead Instructor is John Kulig. He has a long history in the Las Vegas poker world and has been a dealer and instructor for many prestigious events.

Career advice from Industry professionals

WSOP Training

Be ready for the prestigious World Series of Poker. Kick start your career with a position at this high profile event.

Veteran Training

Tony Shelton Dealing School LLC provides training discounts for Veterans in the fields of poker, blackjack and roulette.

Temporary Dealer Agency

Shelton Temporary Dealer Agency matches dealers to specific job opportunities. Employers searching for dealers or dealers looking for work please visit our Dealer Agency site for more information.